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Flamme Rouge Coaching

Bespoke training for serious cyclists


Interview with Graeme Obree

The Bike Show Podcast hosts an interview with the Flying Scotsman about his new training guide The Obree Way. Have a listen!


Garmin Winter Training Camp

Team Training Camp – Garmin Winter Training from Garmin EMEA on Vimeo.

A new read.

A birthday gift from my favorite person. The book would be enough, but it’s signed by the man himself.

More posts will come out of this book. I love Obree’ simple brilliance.

Great finish to stage 4 of the Tour of Qatar!

Congratulations Andy Schleck!

Court Says Cyclist Contador Is Guilty of Doping

An appeals court ruled on Monday that Alberto Contador, a three-time winner of the Tour de France, used a performance-enhancing drug when he won the race in 2010, the latest black mark on a sport that has been tarnished by doping scandals over the past several years.

“Ride lots”


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